July 09, 2012

i'm back mr. planet lets do more things this month

Mood: I think I need an xray or maybe just a neck brace
I almost broke my neck when i fell in love 
Dear Blog,
Hey Blog i'm back and my lappy is fixed! I lost all my files which is kinda sad
but Oh well lets make new memories and i promise to back up my data starting this year :) 
time to re download everything and start redoing my portfolio 
haven't been able to update you for awhile because i have been a busy busy boy 
working on a project that is taking up most of my time but i'm excited with that 
and do you like ze new extension i  got? 
here are just some of the things that i have been doing ;) 
a little update from me 
A.) Salad day pins
a week ago salad day went to my house and we helped him pack his new pins for sale
of course i bought some for myself :) 
B.) Latest Rescue 
a few days ago we were about to get some coffee at a venue when my sister saw a cat 
bleeding at the side of the street 
we took him and brought him to the hospital 
we named him cheesecake 
but sadly after a few days cheesecake was too weak  and went to kitty heaven :( 
C.) le Bf dressed as the Philippine flag 
a few weeks ago we helped ze bf with his outfit for an office event 
accessories by zarina laluan flag dress by saladay and styling by me ;) 
he didn't win ze iPad best costume prize but he still looked really cute 
D.) Fabric hunting / divisor day with jv & zarina / China town  
had the weirdest conversation with a feng shui expert 
E.) Two Shirt Orders 
-for Santi Obcena  & Mike M.
 F.) Panty Monsters gay Pride Party at Cubao X 
and here is le outfit i wore 
and my latest custom made septum ring i made ;) 
 photos by Karla Ynzon
4am drunk kfc photos 
thats all for now 
Kisses A.


  1. Hey sweetie!!!
    Oh my you have been a busy boy!!! You are looking pretty amazing in all these pictures, love the extensions and the long blue hair, dam your fine!!! The KFC pic cracks we up, after what looked like a night filled of fun fun fun!!!! Those buttons are too cute. Sending you hugs and licks from Peetee!!

  2. How is it that you can pull of every hair color possible? Amaaazing, Anton! <3 :) That blue hair you wore to the gay pride party is just too cool. So sleek.

    Sorry to hear that Cheesecake went to kitty heaven, but I am sure that you made her last moments very lovely and nice. :D

    Here's to making new memories! <33

  3. Hi dear Anton!!
    Your post is always a great event!So glad to see your photos and to read your daily adventures!!
    Thank you for saving another kitty cat, everyone should be like you in the world!Your outfit is simply amazing, love the new septum jewel (it reminds me of Givenchy)and all the people at the Panty Monsters party looks awesome!I love the pins and your t-shirts very, very much!
    Lots of kisses!!

  4. What a cool blog, dear!!! I love your crazy style, Anton ;)

  5. You are always such an inspiration. free and fresh like the wind.
    Do visit me more, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    Kisses to you, my dear friend

  6. what you do here is really good, I will be back soon.

  7. Man have you been busy :) I love the hair as always and i super love those badges for salad day. RAd!!! Also a big Welcome to Cheesecake. *hug*

  8. you are such a funny boy! love that! love your animals and your pictures! <3 want more

    Liebste Grüße→ Mein Block