July 17, 2012

Kitty Cat Birthday parties

Mood: Insert PURR sounds here =-_-=
Dear Blog,
A few weeks ago Bitty our first ever rescue had his little birthday party 
He just turned 12 
 i remember how he was when we first got him 
and yes he is blind ( Both eyes) 
i was still in high school  at that time
oooh and in a few days my blog will turn 3 
heres some photos from the kitty cat party :3
Photos By: Marvie Yap-Mulder 
Bitty the blind cat 
and i dressed up as a multicolored cat ;) Puurrrrr talking to our big sis on Skype 
Honey the dog who thinks she's a cat 
Lychee the cat with one ear :3
taffy our kitty who has epilepsy. He takes downers every day 
chester the sweetest cat in the world :3 
Butter the lazy one ;) 
Caramel the fat and mushy kitty 
machiatto (bitty and cupcake's love child )
toffee nut  (bitty and cupcake's love child )
Mochi :3 
Blueberry the latest baby with chester tired from eating :3 
Thats all for now 
Kisses A.


  1. oh goodness, what a precious assortment of animals! They look like they all have such cute personalities~ happy biiirthday Bitty! :)

  2. oh my god you look fucking amazing. I LOVE THAT OUTFIT/YOU HAIR/CAT FACE.
    I am happy that you're such an animal lover too. Where did you see all of those animals?? In an animal hospital? My mother is an animal nurse and I love to visit her at work and say hello to all of the poorly animals.
    Ashley x

  3. thank u ali :)

    @ashley thank you they are our rescue cats.. we rescue homeless cats and give them homes :3 we have 32 in total

    kisses A.

  4. Your cat family is awesome. I'm so happy that these beautiful cats have found loving homes with you. You are a loveable crazy cat too.

  5. These photos are beautiful!! I love all your cat-team!!I send them a lot of cuddles!
    I love your make up very much and I always think that a pair of whiskers really suits everyone!
    Happy birthday Bitty!!!
    LOVE xxxxxx

  6. Anton, I love seeing your big old family of people and kitties. You have the biggest warmest heart filled with love to care for all these creatures, it is my favorite thing about you! I love your kitty make-up too. The world needs more people like you my dear.

    Looks like those cats (including you in your uber cute makeup) partied pretty hard. :)

  8. omg! sweetest blogpost ever! :O ur so cool for helping out! :) I love this!!!

  9. Oh no... poor Lychee... I love kittys so much!!! You are really cool, Anton <3
    xoxo Lola

  10. cats *.* !!!

    and i'm completely in love with your hair color !