June 18, 2012

you said I love you and I put my heart break pink blush on ;)

Mood: I got the swag and its pumping out my ovaries 
Dear Blog,
Hey blog how are you ? 
This is just another random update from me ;) 
So the other day i was reorganizing my closet (like that will ever  happen) and saw some of my favorite clothes by my little half brother Willar Mateo a.k.a SALAD DAY 
1.) Hello kitty Glow in the Dark jelly Fish dress
I wore this piece at our Launch party of a Reality show/ Design competition (like Project Runway)  that I was in. It was called The Mega young designer competition 2011 ( being in a reality show was strange and fun .)  
I had this hellokitty  fabric for years and was too scared to try and make something out of it  . I had a good feeling that willar would turn it into a magical piece and he did
2.) Milkbbi X Salad day skinny boy pink dress with side pockets ;) 
from  their collaboration collection
and heres the video i did for the collection ;) 

3.) Dinosaur Pillow top 
 A product of our Craft parties from way back
4.) Sheer top with sea foam green leather collar and sleeves 
With  salad day the other week 
He helped me make an outfit for le boyfriends theme friday costume 
Did some wedding illustrations at john's atelier 
Finished a commission piece for johns new place :)
"NO. 12 " series
mix media on Canvas (24"x 36" )
 Colored Kc's hair (from black to ash blonde) 
and gave her a little gift 
a customized deconstructed denim vest i made <3 
Craft night with zarina 
 added a new  piece on my blue wall 
MY OBSESSIONS for The Month Of June
A.) SmashBox Blush in the shade of Prism & Heartbreak Pink  

B.) Braids
C.) Body wash/ soaps  with Glitter 
Thats all for now 
Kisses A.


  1. You are such a fabulous model, Anton. :D and oh goodness the fact that you were in a reality show that is similar to project runway is so neat! You're going to be super famous, I hope you know that. <3

    NO. 12 is so colorful! I love all those varying brushstrokes. It's so fun and energetic! Colorful art is the greatest. :)) have a wonderful week, love!

  2. those are amazing... so gorgeous. i love your hair and your braids and glitter soap xo

  3. I looove that Hello Kitty outfit. I also love to wrap myself in ribbon or ties, mummy-like. And your dinosaur pillow top and paintings... Your creativity knows no limits! Marrrrvellous.

  4. Those Hello Kitty pieces are amazing!! I know that I repeat myself by telling you that you are always a great inspiration for me!! I love everything you show here and you are always stunning with all your fabulous hairstyles!I also adore the skinny pink dress and your artwork! Lots of love and kisses!! xxxxx

  5. Love the video dude. Super rad. And you look so beautiful in your hello kitty dress. I love that dinosaur pillowcase top. I would wear that everywhere.

  6. omg! hello kitty outfit must be my favourite!!! :)

  7. Your video was just so beautiful the collection show cased in such a creative magical way! I loved it Anton!!!! Your Hello Kitty dress is just one of many fabulous pictures I am in love with your hair colors and braids they just look like candy land meets Mad Max I love it!!!! Your so talented!
    BIGKISSESfrom me and Peetee~

  8. Hii! you have a nice blog, i love it! I follow you with google, visit my blog and follow me too if you want :)
    We can follow each other.

    Have a nice day.


  9. ohhhh hell I love you you are AMAZING !!!

  10. i loveee your hello kitty dress!!! so awesomeee! Anton all the way baby ^_- x