May 13, 2012

I'm gonna dance & love again

Mood: Live fast & dye your hair 
Dear Blog,
It feels really nice to be back to my usual self
This past 2 weeks I have been enjoying each day like it was going to be my last 
 collecting new memories 
I found myself staring at sea-foam blue walls
 dreaming about tomorrow 
heres just a little random update 
A.) Recent hair color so finally i got the color that i wanted 
i need to still fix the roots but so far so good pastel pink + lavender + blue 
at my favorite monster kitty wall at tangerines hospital 
B.) wanna dance & love and dance again
photos from the panty monsters 2nd anniversary 
Photo: Bonnapart Galeng
photo: Joseph Pascual 
C.) Doing this and that. Been working and developing new ideas for future project + did illustrations for  john last week
D.) SALAD Dressing Congrats to my lil half brother Willar aka salad day 
The Philippine star May 11, 2012 (a shoot i styled) :) 
Online copy click here 
E.) Prints: heres  a sneak peak of one of my newest prints in emerald green
and a finished made to order piece :D
 print: Mr. Narwhal 
current Life inspiration & personal photo diary 
photo link here 
thats all for now
Kisses A.


  1. you're amazing! :3
    love your hair *3*!!

  2. you have the best best best style xx

  3. I love the hair and all of this other fabulousness that must be you room! You look so good in pastels and congrats to your brother, talent runs in the family! You are BEAUTIFUL!

  4. This post is amazing!!
    There are a lot of inspirational photos and I'm a huge fan of Mr Narwhal and of your art!!
    I love narwhals too and I painted them in one of my paintings:a reason more to go dancing with you!
    Your new hair are fabulous!
    Lots of kisses xxxx

  5. you r always amazing!!!!!!!
    I get inspiration from your blog^____^

  6. So much amazing hair!! Going to follow your blog now-it's mega cool :D

  7. Your hair's really cool, and I like that different-coloured shirt. I followed!
    Ashley x