May 12, 2012

My tangerine neptune jelly

Mood: Wheres my orange baby 
Dear Blog,
I would like to share a little something with you 
well i haven't really blogged about our love for animals 
so we rescue cats and dogs from the mean mean people of the world 
(will make a complete entry about that
we have a total of 33 cats and 2 dogs
i'm just really sad right now
that my favorite baby has been in the animal hospital for almost 2 weeks now
he has this really scary deadly kitty virus (a virus that took a lot of our cats lives before)
and he is fighting for his life (i'm so glad that my baby boy is a fighter)
His name is Tangerine Neptune Jelly
We found him outside our gate & he almost got run over by a car 
so i took him in (and i'm a sucker for orange tabbies)
He is one of the naughtiest cats we have but i love him to bits
baby photos
tangerine in the hospital
I try to visit him as much as possible so he would not feel sad that he's all alone in the hospital
I brought him some nice fabric to sleep in ( he loves sleeping in my hand and lap)
after surgery 
So i'm asking  you my lovely reader if you could include him in your prayers
or send him some good energy to help him heal :)
Thats all for now
 kisses A.


  1. sending all the good energy i have for your precious cat xxxxx i hope everything goes well i really really love cats too <3

  2. awwww! <3333 he's so cute! everything going to be ok!

  3. Fight tangerine, you can pull though.

  4. thank you guys :) @mouse i can tell that you love cats too :D

    kisses A.

  5. Love you so much Tangerine <3

  6. Love you so much Tangerine :((

  7. You have the biggest heart Anton. I love your lil Tangerine dream and I am sending a BIG HUGE prayer filled with all my love! I admire your dedication to taking care of all these critters!

  8. Tangerine is in a good place now. He loved you, and he knows that you love him, too. Celebrate his good memories everyday and everytime you think of him. :)