May 31, 2012

Broken laptops & a cat named Tangerine Neptune Jelly

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Dear Blog,
Hello blog
So i have been absent from ze internet for almost a month now due to my annoying laptop breakdown
I just a had a carrie bradshaw moment which is just so inconvenient 
My laptops hard drive went coo coo(maybe more unknown problems)  and now and i'm getting it fixed. Its going to hurt my bank account since my lappy's warranty expired 5 months ago :(

and like Carrie i don't back up my work which is kind of scary because all my sample works
from designing to styling are saved in my computer.
my whole life is in that lappy. I do hope we manage to save my files 
By the way it took me 2 weeks to change my hair color again the purple was getting a little boring so i went back to my first ever color i tried which is red menace
 but its fading into a bright pink right now.
everything is going well 
Been busy with a lot of illustration and styling work

and another thing that i haven't blogged yet is about my baby tangerine Neptune jelly
I would like to say thank you to all the lovely readers/ friends who gave him their good vibes and  positive energy to him  but sadly the virus was too strong and my baby couldn't fight anymore .I stayed at the animal hospital for about half of the day (a few weeks ago) because we got a call saying that he went into a comma and was in critical conditions 
i was talking to him and asked him if he hears me then he should wag his tail and it did :( 
it was so heartbreaking seeing my  little baby still trying to hold on
  still fighting till the last heart beat
I could still hear the heart monitor from 300-50-100-0 
around 7:30 pm he was gone.
you can now sleep my baby tangerine.. i will miss you every single will always be my baby tangerine neptune jelly i will see you again someday
Oct. 2011-May 2012 
I was so lucky to find you last year :) and will always remember all the great memories 

Thats all for now


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  2. I am too sad about your baby tangerine. I'm glad you got to say goodbye and he heard you.

    Your hair is VIVID!! Love that. I'm glad you're getting work and I hope hope your laptop can be saved!

  3. I'm so sorry for little baby tangerine neptune jelly, he reminds me a lot of my cat when she was little, her name is orange clockwork,so I'm feeling very sad now...I'll send you a big thight hugh and if it could help you a little I dedicated to you one of my latest post here is the link, I hope it would cheer you up!

  4. love the red hair.! and the shirt rockss !!!

  5. Oh my honey that breaks my heart for you. Poor baby tangerine jelly. I am so sorry for your loss. I am also so sorry to hear about your laptop (which I love the stickers btw) I hope your data is retrievable. Back that shit up! Your new hair is looking good! Sending you big hugs and peetee licks~

  6. That first picture is so lovely, first off. :)

    Secondly, I'm so sorry to hear you lost your lovely kitty. :( Hopefully he passed over easily though. I'm sure you two will indeed meet again someday... until then, he will always be watching you, and he wants you to be happy so try to look at the bright side :) <3 <3 sending love your way! <3

  7. looove your new hair!

    Thinking of you.
    May you feel better soon.

  8. I am soo sorry to her about tangerine. Be had a beautiful soul and believe me when i say that you truly did everything you could. Iwish more people were like you at my work, but them seem to give up before putting in the fight. You were lucky to have known each other for the time that you did. And your little friend will be part of you forever.

  9. Loveee the first photo, such cool hair and FURBYS! I love Furbys, pleease can they make a comeback!? I'm so sorry to hear about your kitty though :( he was adorable!

  10. you look fucking awesome, your clothes and hair are fantastic! and I love how you write it's so entertaining! A Carrie Bradshaw moment, hilare.

    I'm very sorry about tangerine, I know how awful it is when a pet cat dies, seriously like part of the family. I hope you're okay. Keep blogging and make baby tangerine proud xxxxxxx
    Ashley x

  11. thank you everyone for ze super sweet comments :)