June 05, 2012

I told mr. 24 Meow and he said i'm mr. narwhal nice to meet you

Mood:you are the one that i dream about all day ;)
Dear Blog,
Hey blog 
Here is  a little update from me
It seems that my hair is always different every time I make a new post 
 I guess I'm not use to having one hair color
or maybe I'm just a fickle my little pony boy
A.) rescues 
a few weeks ago my big sister rescued a cat stuck in mandaluyong bridge 
and her name is mandy 
me , marvie , and atsi gerry brought mandy to her new foster parent 
I had so much fun meeting Anne ( the new foster mommy of mandy) 
me and anne  both have a thing for orange tabbies. She had more rescue cats then us (atleast more then 60 i think) it was kitty heaven and I'm so glad that people like anne exist in this not so friendly world.
 photos: Marvie Mulder 
Sunday is our usual cat hospital check up day 
look at all our pastel carrier and health cards 
C.) STYLING & Restaurant installation 
A few weeks ago I styled for a launching event for Nokia Lumia series 
sorry this is the only photo i have :p
and Helped willar with his art installation 
D.) DATES with friends & Mr. Planet Narwhal
It's been a lovely month with close friends 
& Yes Mr. Planet Narwhal :3 i say MEOW 
cute foodie, date nights, tea, cupcakes, vegetarian dishes,
Thats all for now
Kisses A.


  1. i loveee your hair. and the cats are so cuuute

  2. i just love reading about you and your life Anton.! whenever i'm down your life seems to cheer me up hehe, if that makes any sense :D anywaysss, looks like your living life the fun way and it makes me happy to see you happy my friend ^_^ .kittens.youdaone.cupcakes.hair-dye.fun. for life woohoo ^_-

  3. Hello Anton dear! I love your mash up cotton candy hair you look fab honey! I also love hearing about your kitties! Your friend also seems amazing for rescuing kitties, I love you both for your big hearts! Love all the pictures in this post! Yummy food, cupcakes, dates and love everywhere, good times. I want to eat those noodles with the cookies, too cute!
    Take sweetie!

  4. So much colour and fabulousness! Love your cupcake shirt. Love that animation with dancing squid things, love those mini cupcake holders, but most of all, love that huge heart you have caring for cats. Truly, so wonderful!! Congrats on doing the Nokia styling. It must have been fun!

  5. Hi lovely!! Your visual diary is always so entertaining! It really means a lot for me that you and your friends are doing so much for the kitties, as you said this is not a friendly world and pets are often its innocent victims! I love the installation, I'm sure that everyone needs more art and more wonderful people like you!
    The cupcake tank top is to die for and your hair is always awesome!! Kisses

  6. New hair every week is fun and interesting though ;) that's what I like about you, you're so unique and it's lovely! <3 Anton the cat boy, rescuing cats in need. All I rescued today was a turtle from the middle of the road. He is in the lake now. :D