August 13, 2011

BOY with the Blue hair BLOG

Mood: Little did he know 
Dear Blog,
This Blog will No longer be LOve fashion and everything
But the contents will not change
just pure random thoughts 
sample works and everything in Between 
Starting today it will be The BOY with the BLUE hair blog 
So what do you think of the New Header ?
Still working on the Background 
Any suggestions?
So I made a little soundtrack for my "new" blog
A.)Flow- Transistor
2.) Trouble- Shampoo
3.) NANANA - My Chemical romance
4.) Highway to hell- ACDC
5.) I know your girlfriend hates Me -annie 
6.)Rock n Roll machine - The Donnas 
7.) Ociana - Bjork
8.) F*ck (f*ck you very very much)
for those not so great days 
how to say F*ck you in a very Polite manner 
and before i forget thank you michael maguigad for helping me fix my blog template 
sending extra kisses 
Thats all for now
Kisses A.

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