August 19, 2011

please tell Mr. 23 to please play song no.3

Mood: Stop Stealing my heart beat 
Dear Blog,
Hello Blog
i was checking my List-Of-things-i-must-do-for-2011
and i realized that i forgot to do no.16
which is Go back to my Favorite sport (The only sport i like )
Which is Swimming 
(swimming class 2000-something) 
i want to train again like before But i am not in my best Possible shape right now
So before Doing that i need to go to no. 8 which is Lets get Physical mode 
Getting back into my old shape is kind of hard
i think i can do it again
 a little change in diet and death by cardio dance workout  should do the trick 
and i don't mean my usual unhealthy cigarette and  soda diet 
this is pure healthy food crap and its sort of driving me crazy
 My Thin-spiration  
me circa 2007 (minus the yucky haircut)
and To make exercising  a little more fun
i planned my workout wardrobe
Rawr Kitty cat 
sailors and pirates 
The Stereotype  look 
The work out 
my favorite workout since i was in college 
i lost a lot of weight because of this video 
Since i  already memorized the complete work out routine
i made my own Playlist 
a.) Twisted by Skunk Anansie 
B.) Crazy by Sugarcoma 
C.) Spit -Kittie 
d.) Dead - my chemical Romance 
E.) HeartBeat Enrique i. feat nicole S.
hopefully i'll be physically ready to start swimming again in a month or 2  
Thats all for now
Kisses A.

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  1. omg mam! grind din ginagamit kong video for workout.. andaling sundin d b? ahahaha fun!