August 11, 2011

BLAH no. 36

Mood: symphony #40 G Minor
Dear Blog,
Before i start this blog entry i would like 
To greet my dearest love
Happy Happy birthday john Paras
i wish you more love this 2011
Anywhoos this is just another Random-ness filled post 
A.) CURRENT note
Title: Note from the future 
B.)CURRENT imaginary gifts 
was cleaning my styling kits / props when i found this
i was supposed to use this for one of my shoots before
 The cutest fork
a necklace 
and i gave this Bunny shirt to my little half brother W. "BONGO"
C.) CURRENT  favorite Video At the moment 
Janie Taylor for CLHOE
D.)Current Want
Shark Luggage case
E.) CURRENT Imaginary friend
And someday a few years from now
this cute little critter will turn into
a great white shark
the End
Kisses A.

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