July 26, 2010


Mood: messing with a dreamer 
Dear Blog,
just a Random update 
well been feeling much much better now..
got may nail done in CANS last Saturday 
your Nail color can change your current mood 
rainy saturday and sundays 
vintage men's kimono 
denim: mango
black tank top
shoes: Hongkong
salvador Dali canvas bag 
my fave from my kimono collection 
Cheat day sushi day
death by sushi 
spicy tuna tartar 
and spicy chicken karrage 
and got a new phone
i got the bb curve 8520
and i must say its a really fun phone.
 I got the white one since i couldn't find any store that had the blue frosted bb
OLD Berry
NEW Berry 
and heres my bar code add me in BBM

Thats all for now 
Kisses A.


  1. I love you Kimono cover up :P -M.M

  2. The pink and yellow pattern is way too awesome. :)) I love it, and glad to hear you are feeling betterr <3 <3

  3. me likes the yukata!! alam mo yan. hahaha.

    i have a lace yukata. parang ganyan pero lace. bigay ko sayo. ^^

  4. @mike yes yes i want!

    @MM thank you dear!

    kisses A.