July 28, 2010

Color Me Blue & green Boy

Mood: Love is your Color
Dear Blog,
I was not able to attend the United Colors of Benetton Perfume launch last july 22
but Jenny Yrasuegui was sweet enough to send me a bottle 
Thank you dahling.
The reason  i got excited to write this post was because
Benetton was one of my favorite brands growing up.
I remember having this ultra fun denim backpack with crazy zipper detail on it. (circa 2002)
my First fashion show i worked in was also Benetton (2004)
anywhoos United Colors of Benetton recently revealed their new fragrance line which consists of 
Rosso & Giallo for women
Verde & Blu for men

Scent: earthy,Cedar wood, grassy, Cardamom, organic, raw,
I personally like it because the scent isn't too strong and has that lovely organic feel bonus points: the packaging was simply Delish i love the raw stencil effect 
will definitely try on the Blu one as well
so go check Benetton's new fragrance line and find the perfect color for you
retail price: 1,350 Php
and before i forget heres my COLORI inspired video
music: Boys don't cry string quartet the cure tribute 
thats all for now
Kisses A.


  1. yey! pareho tayo. ^^

    see you soon becks. next tuesday? hahaha

  2. hangganda!!! =p may nakastock up ka palang spray paint jan e. sana ganyan ung concept sa ucb .. hehe. keri

  3. gandaaaaaaa ng videooo!!! loooooooovvvveeeeehhhhhhttttttt!!!

    miss you, anton! see you soon! agree with mike, next tuesday?

  4. Ahhhh, I love your videooooooo <3

    I have no idea what I want to major in. Something artsy, yeah, maybe interior design?

  5. @gelo,mike, karl
    see u tuesday! muuuuaaah

    kisses A.