July 19, 2010

Hawks and sparrows race in my waters Stingrays are floating

Mood: your sweat is salty since you left my wet Embrace
Dear Blog,
Well its time for my monthly list of random things again..
it has been an exhausting month
can i say that doing activation events  for supermarkets are super stressful UGH..
1.) Old friend ,Old hair 
well a few weeks ago i bumped into a friend of mine at the preview best dressed ball
Archie Tolentino Chief makeup artist of Maybelline philippines 
 and i told him how much i love his new DO 
Apparently i was his hair peg 
and now Im sort of missing my messy waves :(
should i do it again?
i miss you na archieness , our shoots and chikas !
photo of archie grabbed from karl
2.) play with your heels
Gameboy + the spice girls
photo Link:http://www.syberpunk.com
3.) say Bag that Burger! 
bad burger bad!

my bag obsession for the month of july 
this uber delish purse is available at
they also have hotdog bags and chicken bags
 i want!
beth ditto of the gossip 
photos from: http://www.garudiostudiage.com
4.) Hello I need my BB now
I'm finally getting a new phone
 because my old ugly generic phone will say bye-bye-any-moment- now 
so Im thinking of getting a blackberry curve 8250
 i really want the blue frost one.. well will see..
photo from: click link 
5.) Black out: making art in the dark
well last week was major stress week 
 a huge storm came and destroyed a lot of power lines and it was crazy.. death by no electricity
 no internet and no phone signal
my new piece i'm working on 
5 dollars---20 pieces from 
7.) MyMood for july 
My all time favorite video and song from Bjork
I miss you badly :(
photo: LINK
8.) I-will-see-you-in-my-dreams
an exhibit i must not miss at the ayala museum 
exhibit by Olivia d'Aboville
 Chasm of Fantasies 
*insert falling in-love here*
i will definitely visit the Ayala museum soon
been feeling Uninspired lately
photo from http://www.ayalamuseum.org
9)Beauty killer 
my weapon of choice this month
pure beauty toner available at watsons
and heres jeffree star's new video
10.)you deserve a cupcake boi
Love fashion and everything in between
turns one year old

will make a complete post about this soon
*feels all giddy*
i have a big surprise for all my dear readers 
with much love
Kisses A.


  1. Congrats on one year on your blogg! ;D can't wait to see your supriseee. I want to steal your cupcake.

    Holy crap, those gameboy shoes are holy epic goodness. D:!!

  2. Congratulationsss Anton! ;) Hope to make chica soon! Mwah! ;*

  3. haha i love this post & i love your blog!! your friend's hair is amazing-i say go for it!! and i love the video game slash shoes!! haha so awesome!!

    new follower!!

  4. yes .. lets dye our hair once more.. happy anniv ate! congratss.. more to go ..

    more jellyfish!!!

    i miss my BB too.

  5. miss you!

    i like your hair now. hehe

    the sketch is nice ha!

    wala akong toner ng pure beauty! huhu. ^^

    see you soon!

  6. hahaha good job and happy anniversary!

  7. I really love that Exhibit at Ayala Museum. Chasm of Fantasies. It left me speechless.