July 21, 2010

I He-ART you

Mood: Though you try to tell me that you never loved me. I know that you did 'Cause you said it and you wrote it down
Dear Blog,
Well this blog all started as a Portfolio blog for my fashion styling work.
After awhile i started doing the occasional art posts 
then came my MOOD entries.
When i feel the mean REDS creeping up,
I blog.
 Whenever i feel like i wanted to stab someone with a 3B pencil,
I Blog.
When Love ends,
i Blog.
Its just another way for me to transform bad vibes  into something more pleasant. 
I am  happy to have met a lot of really nice & interesting people online and heres a little something for you guys(promised sketches) some of them are pretty random like sketches of my favorite people and  for  those who asked me to do a little doodle for them.
From left to right 
1.)jujiin 2.)Ali 3.)Bo couture 4.)Mike 5.)Triangular brows boy 6.)Karl 7.)Lotho 8.)Rob P.9.)john Paras., 10.) Diana adams 11.)Mel 12.)Gelo 13.) yek 14.)jaypee peralta 

and  a new sketch for mike and karl
every celebration deserves a CHEAT DAY!
Happy birthday blog
Thats all for now 
Kisses A.


  1. I like my sketch the best. ;)) but they are all so beautiful, you are so talented my love! Happy one year! :D <3

  2. aww happy 1 year blogging!! i love your sketches!! they are amazing!! enjoy your yummy treats!!

  3. OMG!! When I saw the one with the circular shades, I thought to myself, "Shet! Ang ganda. Is this me?!" Then I saw the caption, confeermed! Not unless, it's a different Gelo. :p Hahahah...

    Thanks Anton!! It's so nice! Happy One Year to your blog! Keep on posting and keep the fabulosity alive! :)

  4. I stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say that I have really enjoyed browsing your entries. I love your doodles!!! Happy One Year to your blog! More power <3

  5. omg anton. Just how i wanted myself to be.. u made me so happy. thanks for this post. i love what u did, instead u shared the stage with everyone ... IKAW PA DIN ang star.haha. i love u. more neonheartboy!!!
    DAHIL jan may give away ang mga readers. haahaha chos!
    love u

  6. Thank you guys! glad you liked it!
    @karl yung nga give away ko sketch para iba naman lOl
    with love
    Kisses A.

  7. Happy bday to your blog ! Here's to blogging :)

    Mon Mode Blog

  8. Happy Birthday Blog!Thanks Anton! - Kiko