July 30, 2010

eat your heart out: a zombie Inspired wedding

 Mood: Till death do us part
Dear Blog,
my eye love it pick for this week
If i don't get my carrie b. dream wedding this would be my next option
(insert i wanna fall in love again here ;p )
i just love kooky couples
they find creative ways to show their love for one another 
this couple got divorced  so that their third zombie dream wedding would be legal
apparently they love having fun unconventional weddings 
their second wedding was punk/goth themed 
this is now my favorite wedding photo ever!
their friends getting all gored up 
Popping eye ball
marching to city hall "BRAIIIIIINS"
*insert happy zombie song here*
the Zombie in the blue striped tank looks really Haute noh?
The rings ahhh i die!
i have a feeling she's the maid of honor 
and the dress comes off 
the end
Kisses A.


  1. This editorial really made me crack, sad but funny:)

  2. WHAT! :) That has to be the coolest wedding ever.

  3. your blog is so great.
    I like him:)


    follow me.
    I reply!