March 19, 2010

New Blog segment

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Dear Blog,
i would like you to meet my new contributing writer 
Name: Shark Belardaeux 
Age: 20 something
Gender: male 
occupation: stylist/ painter
nationality: 1/2 french 1/2 japanese 
specialty: Runway shows and D-I-Y
relationship status: its complicated
Favorite designer: Margiela 
favorite fashion icon: Isabella Blow 

shark belardaeux is a 20 something  self thought hammerhead shark stylist from japan.  
shark graduated with a degree in fine arts majored in industrial design at  Kyoto Prefectural School of  japan 
 shark enjoys afternoon tea's and loves spending his free time sharing his quick and easy fashion D-I-Y to his online friends

we decided to do a little shoot for him to feature his favorite D-I-Y pieces
and here are the results from the said shoot
Source of DIY inspiration 
Shark is excited to  share his first DIY project segment to you
 my lovely readers
so stay tuned!
KISSES A. and S.


  1. i love your blog.
    i follow you!

  2. hangkyooooooooot! nag mamargiela si belardaeux

  3. I love shark. I love this post. :)

  4. @ali ahaha i know you like sea creatures too
    kisses a.

    @simona thanks for following
    will check it out.. :)

    @mike ahaha diba buhok lang :)