March 21, 2010

video whore 000001

Mood: Where are we?
Dear Blog,
(i just love doing random posts, and heres another one for you guys) 
its almost summer and the heat is just killing me..
ugh! i hates it! for some weird reason i get a lot of skin allergies during the summer because of the heat. Sort of updated my wardrobe. i bought some really basic pieces like
over sized tank tops and cotton shirts and turned some of my old denims into short shorts
mixing it up with my old light pieces 
My SUMMER outFit
(wore this today)
Vintage apron from DEFECT LV and rubber ducky print ,shoes TOMS, shorts Philosophy, andy W. bag, and Tank top from LNDMRK
i really like my new shoes. really great for long walks
i was browsing youtube for some fun videos to watch  when i saw this really hilarious girl with her crazy  makeup tutorials, *for more LOLs*
from Gloria Shuri Nava 

"Your eyebrows should scream BITCH"---CHOLA
(Blue eyeshadow is the Secret!)
NOW for My personal Videos
So a lot of people made their own version of the lady gaga's Telephone post  on their blogs 
 and i had nothing else to the other day so i decided to make make one too 
-Zarina  as my TELEPHONE. RING RING! non-G nights!
and this one is for a good friend, doing an avatar doodle piece for him :)
and heres the finish sketch, this will be apart of a series that im doing right now.
and the last video is by andrian. from a test shoot we did last year :) 
Thats all for Now..
Kisses A.


  1. You are uninhibited, over the top, wonderful and evil at the same time. That chola makeup video is the best.

  2. I love your shoes, those are just AMAZING. :)

  3. Love the shoes! <3 It's so you. :D

    Nagimbal ako sa 2nd youtube video, I lost 6 minutes of my life. *A*

  4. Dont mess with a chick with lipliner no lipstick! Hahahah..

  5. I like your funny videos and I have the same songs too !! I want to eventually do a video on my blog but am not sure so I think you are brave to do yours :) Mon Mode Blog

  6. Hahah, you're freaking hilarious! We need more videos of your craziness. For sure.