March 17, 2010

shark meets killer rabbit= to love at first bite (random update)

Mood: Cover me with cream  and handle me with care ;)
im still your no.1 cupcake boy ;)
Dear Blog,
so okay heres a little Random update from muah
like i said before i made a list of things that i must do for 2010
 to keep Things interesting and to stay away from routine :)
so the other day i started with my basic German and polish language lessons 
i must say that polish is very difficult and i mean very difficult 
german in the other hand is much much easier :)
its actually really fun and hopefully ill be able to do conversations in the near future :)
Books that i just got
Never Hit a jellyfish with a spade by guy browning is hilarious 
"how to survive lifes smaller Challenges"
my new survival guide  :D
and the other books are  Chuck Phalaniuks  
Snuff and Rant 
Hes my all time favorite writer 
moving on 
I would like to say thank you to my dear BFF John @ohnoitsjohnny for the wonderful gifts 
   i lovess it *sending kisses*
vintage looking cyclops shades and glass blade necklace
turned the necklace into a shoulder piece 
Been listening to him since LJ days ;)
i like it! its very him and im obsessing with his new song BLUSH..
Going Gaga? lets all do the sandwich dance

i love the mass homicide  scene and  the dance is perfect for exercise 
i really  want  a  killer rabbit Plush toy

Pc: Link
ahhhhh i want one! pretty please saw this from @adamsconsulting
i think SHARK just fell in Love after seeing RABBIT
 LOVE at first Bite?hmm..
Thats all for now 
Kisses A.


  1. cute shark! i want one!!! where did u get it? :)

  2. from a random toy store in Glorieta ;)
    kisses A.

  3. ate, i have that jellyfish book rin! haha. i love that book. read the one about fashion. nakakatawa sobra. haha. new is the new new. haha.

    miss u teh. let's watch the fadal fashion show keme bukas? hehe

  4. yeah its funny!! miss you narin
    wala ako tommorow eh may mga chuva ako gagawin
    pero promise lets go out soon ukay mode naman tayo minsan bet?
    go! kita mo na blog ni za?
    fun diba?

  5. Awesome video. And your shark is soo cute! :D

  6. omg.. i love the blade necklace.. i have a gold one pero smaller ung blades.. ehehe love the video!

    and yes! chuck palahniuk is LOVE!

  7. The rabbit is so cute! Cool Necklace! :D Anton is the studded necklace still available!? waah

  8. I've always thought German was difficult as I tried to learn it and failed... but maybe Polish is more difficult !!

    I just saw the Jeffree video and he reminds me a bit of Maryiln Mason plus the electronic beat is hot !!! Thx for your visit as always :) Mon Mode Blog

  9. @ yekky di ko pa naask if gagawa pa nung ganun design.. dumaan ako sa store and nabili napala yung isa ill ask nlng if magproduce pa sila nung specific design na yun :)

    kisses a.