March 16, 2010

memories of our Love

Mood: dream like state 
Dear Blog,
Been browsing youtube for some good OPM songs 
and i tried searching for Advent Call
which was my Brothers band (Norman Belardo)
they were popular during the early 90's 
their music was a mixture of alternative and rock 
one of my fave songs from them 
you can hear him singing the second voice (1:45)
"only yesterday you said will never part but now you leave me with a broken heart 
oh won't you please come back, come back to me my love 
bring back the memories of our dreams"
thats him in the middle with the white shirt and the little boy is me..
 it was 3 years ago on March 20th that my brother passed away
 in a tragic ship accident 
he was a dj in one of the cruise ships in bahrain  
i wish i knew him better, never really got the chance to bond with him
 he was usually sleeping during the day and at night time he would go to his gigs
my gold and red Cassette necklace 
it was their first released album
Its my little way of keeping a piece of him with me  :)
 i miss you dear Brother 
With LOvE A.


  1. awww... i don't know what to say. but i like the cassettes. ^^

  2. Hi Anton. Nice page. Hope you still remember me.. I miss Kuya Norman. He was and will always be my only best friend. Malapit na pala ang 8th anniv niya.. Regards to Tita Au and the rest of the family. God bless.

  3. Hi! This is Vince Garay and that's me in the far left and Winnie Gozon between me and Norman. I was the guitarist when Norman and I worked at McDonalds in Makati when we first started a band Strange Days back in the 80s, then Advent Call the original with Reujen Lista and I left and was with Black Rain before going to the US.