March 26, 2010

liquid like state of mind (my new video) love can turn you into a jellyfish

Mood: Im gonna give all my secrets away
Dear Blog,
the other day was extremely fun, i did shoot for a friend at ocean park..
and you know what that means 
so i took advantage of the moment and did a little video 
and heres my new Love jelly piece i was talking about the other day
anton B. in Love can turn you into a jelly fish part 1.
i died and gone to Gelo-heaven ! :)
thank you  P. for the photo 


  1. Love it! Very relaxing...

    Remember when we were in the beach and there were jellyfish stuck on the shore and we brought them back to the ocean? :-)

  2. oh my. ganda!!!!!! crush kita dito. ang cute mo. hahahaha. winner to teh. srsly, may mga jelly fish sa ocean park? the last time i went wala mashadowng izda. hihi.

    can't wait for the next one. cnu kaya yung kamay? hahaha.

  3. cute! :) -patricia

  4. @ gerry yess!!! save the jellies
    @karl and mike mga gaga ahahhaa miss you guys na

    kisses A.