March 29, 2010

spotted: shark on the move ;)

Mood: life is a beach and then you die ;) 
Dear Blog,
shark spotted at Nasugbu Batangas
doing ocular work for an upcoming event 
sporting his fave trend of the season: Denim 
"im having a moment right now..i think i just fell in love all over again." 
--Shark belardaeux
diy inspiration for my shredded denim dress:
pc: LINK
thats all for now.
Kisses A.


  1. one word....FIERCE! <3 ahlaveet!

  2. I LOVE your last jellyfish video, it's so amazing. You're so creativee. :) I love that picture of you with the jellyfish behind it, too. Seriously one of the best pictures I've seen EVER. And Shark looks good in denim! You make me want to put Lobby Lobster in some outfits..