March 25, 2010

my knees are like jellyfishes *insert giggles here*

Mood: Something stupid like i love you
Dear BLOG,
Im just enjoying my little Break 
im done with all my obligations for this week. I 
just can't wait for vaca time !
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anywhoos today is very exciting! i will be doing a jelly fish love piece today! OMG! 
and you know how much i adore those jello-like creatures! 
so i will just leave you with this video
 i really want one of these lamps.. they say it helps you relax
thats all for now 
will update more later ;)
Kisses A.


  1. I want a jellyfiiiiiish lamp thing, ohmygosh.

  2. im scared of crabs and jellyfish.. urgghhh..
    gwapo mo sa hairdown mode ! hehe haba n pla ng hair ah.. what do u use to brush it up and make it stay that way?