February 25, 2012


Mood: time to deconstruct & reconstruct 
Dear Blog,
Hey blog recently changed my hair to blue-ish purple 
yesterday & today was production day with willar 
helped him out with his collection that he will be showing soon...
working on my own my clothes too right now
 my weird fever has gone away & i'm just taking things one step at a time..
today i was reminded why i love my life 
& why we need to stay in-love with all the beautiful possibilities that we can do.
i'm still a bit sad about a few things but 
i know in time i will be able to fix them
i promise to myself no matter what the outcome maybe i would like things to end in 
a nice way & hate free
for now all i can do is  improve myself in a lot of aspects 
heres a sneak peak of his collection 
thats all for now 
Kisses A.


  1. Your positivity gave me a boost as well.! I think I'm going to apply the same stuff to keep myself "okay" ;)

  2. thanks erem hope your feeling better !

    kisses A.

  3. I'm glad you are choosing happiness, some days are harder but it's so much better when your life is filled with positivity! Glad your fever broke and this pink and white shirt is yummy good!

  4. I love color of your nails! *.*