February 22, 2012

Lets try to tell mr. 2 about the heart beats

Mood:I will sing you morning lullabies
Dear Blog,
Hey Blog sorry if i haven't posted anything in awhile 
I'm just not feeling  well at the moment 
I  would like to tell Mr. Virus to please leave my body 
because i need  to finish a lot of  important things
A few days ago a swarm of jellies came to visit and each one of them gave me their strength 
i was able to collect enough to give me the courage to say things that
i've been wanting to say for awhile  
I'm just not sure what will happen 
and i'm scared 
for the meantime i'll be here waiting..
finally i'm done with my last Print for my latest collection 
Memories From the planet saturn 
which will be coming soon 
Print 005: Current State 
CURRENT: life inspirations/ mood  
photo link here 
Thats all for now
Kisses A.


  1. Your are so beautiful inside and out and I want oh so bad to hug this boy with blue hair!!!!

  2. Re: Thank U soooooo much Anton! ^^
    And I really like your designs! Tutti frutti cool! :D
    I wish you nice evening :3

    Kiss ang hug! ^^

  3. @ gerry Yeah The extra good days :)

    @ krista sending extra hugsss! :)

    @judka thanks but those are not my designs

    Kisses A.