January 02, 2012

sending kisses

Mood: lets play song no. 9 
Dear Blog,
So I'm back in Manila
Had A Lovely Vaca trip in HongKong with my Big sis (will make a different entry about that)
Just want to make a Gift/ shopping Haul of the things i got For Christmas
would like to send extra kisses to everyone who got me magical presents
a pink wig ( the hello stranger wig) 
A.) polka dot pouch B.) masks c.) coi fish craft D.) octopus bathtub massager E.) silk scarf from paris F.) new Pen set ^___^  G.) Food Coloring (blue) you will see alot of blue food this coming year Hmmmm blue Pancakes 
A.) fashion Construction book B.) Camera C.) Mac Solar White eyeshadow E.) eye & lip makeup set F.)Happy meal Jeremy scott X adidas G.) more hello kitty stuff  H.) convers pimp my chucks thingy I.) care bear drinking bottle 
Things from Hongkong 
my new Baby, we will make lovely memories together 
and 2 shirts 
tanks and shirts
little treasures  

Tokidoki X hello kitty available in 7 eleven ( all you need to do is collect 5 stamps 20Hk dollar = 1 stamp and pay 20 dollars and you get this death by cuteness)  i was able to get 2 key chains and bought this case O_____O
Thats all for now 
Kisses A.

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