November 04, 2011

Tell mr. 47 i need PANTONE 15-5519 TCX

Mood:A Dream on repeat 
Dear Blog,
For the past few days i have been feeling a bit  unusual 
I feel physically and a emotionally unwell 
really tired 
i guess i'll just blame the weather again 
i don't know 
But when ever that happens i just do a few things to get me back on track 
i usually go to people who really know me 
people who are dear to me like my big sis G.
or P or Z and everything bad seems to evaporate 
and back it goes to the Sky 
Another alternative would be to change my hair Color 
i know it might sound silly to some
but it works for me 
whenever i need to clear my head up, whenever i need a clean start i change the color 
so  today i changed it again
Everyone Knows i'm obsessed with the color blue, water and all related things 
i just want to show you  my dear readers how or
 where i get my inspiration for choosing my colors
I recently watched a film called Triangle
Its freaky, mind boggling, and sweet all wrapped into one 
if your into that sort of thing you should watch it  
directed by Christopher Smith 
I don't have aqua blue anymore so i had to improvise with what colors
i have i mixed my Indigo blue with conditioner and added bright yellow 
and heres my color now
i know in the photo it looks the same as before but in real life its more pastel and light 
and i got these random things from avenue earlier after having dinner with big sis 
perfect for the dead body pile up scene from the movie 
MOOD for november 
Thats all for now 
Kisses A.

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