November 02, 2011

Tell mr. 25 my hello kitty printed toast needs jam

MooD: They call me quiet but i'm a riot 
Dear Blog,
Hey Blog,
Its November again and i think i'll make my Monthly List 
of Random
 things I want, current obsessions and all sorts of fun stuff 
 Its almost December which means 
Hongkong Trip and Margiela Loving for me yiiiiiiiiiiih i can't wait
A.) Bi Polar and tentacle like hair  
i seriously want these lovelies on my head 
i think wigs should be considered as  a hat 
B.)More Hello Kitty Crap For my house 
1.) A mini oven and coffee maker 
so i can learn something new like baking 
2.) sew sew gently down the seam (i miss u sew much ;) )
i know its just a ordinary sewing machine and the sewing possibilities are limited but who cares 
its too cute argh!
my machine at home :P
Maison Martin Margiela
My potential lover for 2012
i'm praying that this will be still available this December 
pretty please will see you in Hk soon my loves 
D.) its a desperately important shoe
I need New "fun" shoes for next year my jeremy scott triple tongue is in dire need of vaca time 
i hope these death by cute babies will still be available when we get our Ching chings! 
D.)  Inspirational photos for
Thats All For Now
Kisses A.


  1. I don't really know what's your blog about, but it got me cracking like a popcrn xD keep this ish up man!

  2. Dear mr. or Ms. anonymous
    just pure random days and sample works :))

    kisses A.