October 04, 2011

hey mr. 34 i want to go to pluto :)

Mood: I know who i want to take me home
Dear Blog,
Sorry blog for not updating 
been busy with some stuff
i'm feeling great 
(insert smile here :D) 
just want to share some of my new illustrations i made this week :) 
first of i want to say belated happy birthday to jujiin Samonte
sending extra kisses 
hope you had a lovely day 
i think their the cutest couple ever :) <3
last week i met the cutest panda :3
MR. Sleepy panda boy :) 
and the cutest campaign :D
never say no to Panda
Some studies i made for an upcoming collaboration i'm doing
really excited with this project 
hope you guys are having a great week
thats all for now
Kisses A.

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