September 22, 2011

neoprints, illustrations and other types of viruses

Mood: Like a virus needs a body 
a soft tissue
feeds on blood
someday i'll find you 
Dear Blog,
 okay i feel like crap today 
stuck in bed 
I have a really annoying fever
Dear Virus
 please leave my body 
kisses A.
 nothing else to do but draw
just some of my new illustrations 
and i found a pile of neoprints in one of my bags 
i badly miss taking neoprints :(
 maybe next weekend i'll ask zordo :P
2006-2009 i think 

super old neoprints 
and i have 6 pages back to back from my high school days 
will not post them here because its too embarrassing haha
before and after 
Thats all for now
Kisses A.

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