July 24, 2011

Update no. 1

MooD: Gravity don't mean Too much to me 
Dear Blog,
Before i start my blog post 
this Blue bee hive is for you Amy Winehouse 
may you rest in peace 
 this is just  little random update with whats been happening to me for the past few months
A.) Did a show for lotho for the One Big show For Boardwalk
sort of funny that i got this job since i got eliminated on the boardwalk challenge 
but it was really fun since i had another opportunity to work for my favorite boss :)
Sampling and main fitting
on zombie workmode
my work station for 3 weeks 
my favorite look  from the 100plus looks we made
B.) did a show a few months back with john for the laybare launching at hard rock cafe 
Photos by Jude Bautista (LiNK HERE )
C.)  I styled  the annual fashion week collection for john paras
this was a crazy crazy day for us.
and saw Eric that day 
D.) went on a little vaca time (somewhere in laguna) 
E.) A Top i made for my lovely new client Raquel
and Karl wearing my jellyfish layered see through dress 
Thats all for now
kisses A.

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