July 24, 2011


Mood:I've been having a sweet dream
I have been dreaming since i woke up today 
Dear Blog,
the 7 if's 
1.) If I had my way I would live under water 
Everything looks better when its blue 
2.) If I had a garden it would be filled with cactuses and Blue Flowers 
3.) If it would rain today 
i would go outside with a bottle and catch every raindrop
 and give it to friend
4.) If I was given a chance to have a conversation with anyone(dead or living) 
I would like to talk to my dad and ask him how he's been doing 
and what does it feel like when you touch a cloud
5.) if anyone asks me how i feel today 
i would say the same thing
happy and carefree 
6.) If i could fall in love everyday
 I would
7.) If I  could take someones pain and fears away i would place it in a mason jar and let the river stream carry it away

Thats all for now 
Kisses A.

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