January 24, 2011

“You see things; and you say, 'Why?' But I dream things that never were; and I say, 'Why not?'” -George Bernard Shaw

Dear Blog,


Last year was a complete blast. A lot of unexpected great things happened and I'm really really Excited for 2011.  I feel really positive this year and hopefully i'll achieve more things, more work, more play and more Love .
yesterday was my Last episode on Gen M.  Yes i'm sorry to say that i'm officially out.
I got eliminated during the Boardwalk challenge because i did not meet the target market of the said RTW brand and like what they said sticked to my true aesthetic which is a mixture of Love & avant garde. It's really not that bad though and i do not regret anything i did. the whole Mega young designer experience was a complete blast. i will surely Miss the Group A. which consists of meanne, santi, aram and russel. all in all i won the divisoria mini group challenge, the most cohesive collection mental experimental avant garde group challenge, the Maldita man Styling challenge, and the men's wear denim Wrangler Challenge. Not bad for my 1st designing contest :) being consistent with your aesthetic is actually a good thing and like i said fashion is not just about making clothes we should not forget that its also about letting people dream. its about creating this feeling inside. its about love :)  And I wouldn't be able to do this without the support of my lovely friends,(you know who you guys are)  family (momcy and the 2 best sisters in the world) , and to my mentors lotho and john. sending extra kisses to everyone 
My last design for Generation Mega
The patchwork dream dress 
detachable Gray crop tank  with hand stitched details
with a draped cotton patchwork printed dress 
i don't have a photo of the dress without the gray top:P
but thanks mia for the photo
Inspiration: i was fascinated with the idea of dreams and how odd it works. whenever you are in a dream state no matter how weird the plot of the story in your head maybe they still seem to make sense to you at that specific time. i took all the most bizarre dreams i could think of and patched it all together like all the different fabrics that i was assigned with. they didn't seem to match but ended up as a cohesive ensemble  
i love this photo of me and my model was Glad that i got pauline this time
my last few words on the show 
"I would rather be eliminated for making a dress that makes me happy rather than making an ordinary dress that will please them. Just so it could fit their standards of what is wearable" -kisses A.
Thats all for now
Kisses A.


  1. Kudos to you for staying true to yourself. I think for someone who want's to make it big in your industry, that is very important. Most people never learn it. And they are the ones we never hear about! More power to you! Keep on making wearable works of art.

    To be honest, this whole idea of Gen M is good from a marketing / business standpoint but if the goal is really to discover brilliant designers and give them a platform then Gen M is not helping. I liked how they did it the previous years. I find that more credible. sino ba yung mga up-coming fashion designer na ang pangarap ay yung maging head designer ng boardwalk? hindi dapat sila ang hinahanap ng Mega YDC. Bumaba talaga yung prestige ng YDC. Sayang. Naki-ride lang sila sa success ng project runway. Asan ang standards ng the so-called philippine's best fashion mag?

  2. bongga ka mam! tama yan. i admire u for keeping yer aesthetic intact..unmoved..unharmed. it doesnt mean that yer not versatile but rather yer strength as a designer is evident. keep it up! sabi nga nila , di lahat ng nananlo sa competish ang nagsusucceed . alam mo yan. yer my winner! always have always will/

  3. Dear, Mr. or ms. Anonymous,

    i really appreciate your feedback & will continue to stand for what i believe in. even though i feel annoyed for getting eliminated and felt like it was unfair but sometimes life is like that there are rules that must be followed (even though i don't follow them ) and I do not hold anything against Mega and I would like to still say that because of the contest I have gained much insight on my personal bieng and became stronger as an artist and an individual

    kisses A.

    @ Karl

    thank you sis haha remembered when you, mike and i were talking after the shopping challenge..naalala mo yun before kami nagstart mag compete.. we talked about doing my own thing kahit ano mangyari..
    at least notepad ko sya missed you guys

    when are we going to start the Lookbook 2 for paradigm shift ?