January 23, 2011

Fashion Battles the recap

Mood: Tell Mr. 35 I'm waiting for Him
Dear Blog,
So okay the other day i was browsing my Blog and remembered that i forgot to make my  wardrobe  year ender special. You maybe wondering where i get my inspirations for my daily looks. Most of the time i just get inspired from random things like Books, movies , different characters for different moods. Basically it's  about what character i would like to portray in that specific moment.When i got in the Mega Young designer Competition my competitive side kicked in and went for a more Brutal warrior feel. Battle Royale and Mortal Kombat was on the Menu.
I must admit I am A Geeky gamer too. I Love Love Love  Mortal Kombat
 just one of my random obsessions 
I'm not sure if this movie is going to be real or what but if it is I am Totally excited to watch this 
and the latest game version is death by kick ass fighting 
i seriously want to play this 
and My favorite characters are Sub-Zero, Scorpion & smoke
they basically all look the same 
hot guys with hot deadly moves 
Ninja outfits: Layered fabrics
Silhouette: Strong shoulder tiny waists 
Here are my combat ready outfits ready for any fashion battle 
Mega Young Designer 2011 official Launch party 
Everyday outfit from 2010
Panty Monsters Halloween Ball 2010
Bloggers event 
Taping outfits for Gen M
Mega Magazine party at Members Only 
Shopping outfit at Hong Kong 
Usual Panty Monster outfit 
Shoot for the Official Poster of GEN M.
a different version of Smoke
Preview Best dressed Ball 
Visions Exhibit 
Outfit 1st eliminations of Gen M.
2nd Eliminations outfit of Gen M.
Animality, Brutality, Mercy, self-fatality,friendship , fatality 
and lets not forget the Techno theme song 
Thats all for Now
Kisses A.