November 15, 2010

Watsons Living Beautifully shopping challenge

Mood: shop till you drop 
Dear Blog,
A few weeks ago I received a text from Jenny Y.
asking if I wanted to Join the Living beautifully campaign for Watsons.
and when i heard the word shopping challenge
i automatically replied YES
because you know how much i love love love to shop 
anwhoos i was with my BBF's (Best blogger friends) 
we were teamed up to do the shopping challenge.
"Thinking of our shopping plan"
Our main goal was to do a little Lifestyle makeover
for our person of choice
we decided to make "Happy Kits" for each other 
We were given a total of 10,000 pesos of GC
and divided it equally
I met mike and karl though the internet about a year ago
Karl and i started chatting at
and mike was the first few readers of my blog 
 we started going out and became really good friends.
it was nice to finally see them.
What is Living beautifully mean to me?

 well for me its all about doing things that make you happy. its when get that  tingly feeling  inside. for me its doing my Job as a stylist. creating stories and turning dreams into reality. I also Enjoy Blogging ,shopping and finding things that can make me feel good.
-anton Belardo

i was randomly assigned with Mike Magallanes 
Mike is a fashion Blogger/ Student/ Designer 
I chose these items for mike because i feel that this will
actually help de-stress himself
especially now their busy with their new clothing line Paradigm Shift :)
Plus most of the stuff i got for him are things that i personally use.
photo by: Edrick Bruel
Neutrogena Wave power cleancer -to give some extra loving for his skin
Black cream Eyeshadow by Elf studio for fun smokey eyes when going out , Hello kitty X Volume express by Maybelline - to give extra long lashes plus its super cute i couldn't resist buying it :D,  Loreal Total 5 Repairing hair treatment- I personally use this and its just Lovely for the hair,  Ultra red moisture 
extreme lipcolor by Maybelline- for sexy sexy lips
One Vanilla almond Custard -for yummy soft skin effect ;)
Like isabella Blow said “If you don’t wear lipstick, I can’t talk to you. You need to have lips – they are important for getting men.”
Watsons Grape Bella revitalizing shower gel--- i super love the smell of this product,  Nichido Kabuki brush-- just another add on to his make up kit :) Watsons Lavander Scent --- because they say Lavander helps you relax 
Age defying collagen mask & pearl essence mask by Skin Recovery -- food for the skin
Stresstabs--- for more energy and chupa chups for sugar love ;)
and heres my happy kit for Mike 

hope you loves it 
Kisses A.

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