February 01, 2010

science project 101 Armani + gaga

Mood: monday yays and whoo-ah's
Dear Blog,
the Grammy Awards 2010
recently lady gaga  collaborated with Armani
for her red carpet dress 
personally i like it
it gives great dimension
Im getting  a tubular space feel vibe from it  
taking home two grammy awards 
 Best Dance Recording and Best Dance/Electronica Album
and heres her live performance  with  Elton john
this makes me feel all giddy 
kisses A.
images from: http://idolator.com


  1. Kaloka c bakla. Gusto ko din ng ganyan. Prom dress ko. Chos! Lol


  2. yes yes i like her outfit here
    nga lang theres something "off" with the over all look
    maybe its the hair or the makeup anywhoos i still
    like it ;P
    kiss kiss