January 31, 2010

Jujiin Samonte exhibit 1

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Dear Blog,
first of all 
i want to congratulate jujiin Samonte 
for the  success of his first solo exhibit..
his pieces were simply delish..
he presented his collection of photos in a fun unconventional way
maoooo--dels lovess it!
i felt that his pieces were inspired 
i love how he played around with all the different elements 
like tape, plastic,photographs, etc..
and turned them into 
playful 2 dimensional art instillations
creating interesting lines and texture 
(one of my favorite pieces)
it was as if he took all his most wonderful personal pieces and put them all together 

definitely Divine 
Rajo Laurel

ria over load!
so Im sending my kisses to j.
do check out the exhibit at trilogy boutique 
it runs till feb.11
click here for more info
and ohh thanks karl for letting me grab the photos 
kisses A.

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