February 04, 2010

im your lazy dancer when you move i move with you

Mood: mommy!mommy! i want a hammerhead shark for 
my birthday! ;)
Dear Blog,
 i have this weird obsession with hammerhead sharks
Alexander McQueen fall 2009
me: bored and  playing with the web cam ;)
i have a thing with aquatic creatures
i think i should make a d.i.y Hhead shark necklace for my birthday!
2 days to go!
so im sending this letter to the heavens above

Dear Mr. Love,
i want these things for my birthday
thank you 
no. 1
McQueen s/s 2010 lobster like shoes
A burger phone for my room
No. 3
Blonde hair extensions
for a necklace project i want to do
 No. 4
Chanel coco rouge  lipstick
No. 5
Louis Vuitton  s/s 2010 Bag 
No. 6
vintage cyclops inspired shades
ahem! ahem! ;)

No. 7
visionaire art toys
this will be my peg/mood for the month of feb.
thats all for now ;)
Kisses A.


  1. Your posts make me happy. I have a strange obsession with lobsters, so I feel ya on the whole aquatic critters thing. :)

  2. I agree, hammerhead sharks are fascinating... btw I laughed at your burger phone gift idea! Whoever created that was genus. Hope you get what you want for bday :) Mon Mode Blog

  3. anton! i have this weird phone in our house in the suburbs. i'll give it to you na lang as a gift, you want? hehehe

    btw, i'd love to see that hair necklace you'll be creating. hope we could use it in our upcoming shoot

  4. you always have an amusing post anton. you never fail to make me smile with your wit and love for cool stuff!


  5. McQueen is a fashion god! Nakita mo ba yung steampunk inspired heel nya? But IMO I preferred the Lady Dragon heels. <3

  6. @ Ali --- thank you dahling

    @piwi-- bigyan mo ako ng decent budget gagawan kita ng bongaaaaaaang bongang hair neck piece ahaha
    and are you talking about the vintage phone you have.. yes i want it !

    @zana thank you dear muaaah

    @betz glad you like my posts ;)

    @anna ;) *wink*