February 02, 2010

All the things i love "the February issue"

Mood: let the trannies  mix it up
Dear Blog,
its February again my favorite 
month of the year
lets make a post 
all the things 
the Love for money bows and cigarette stains moments
the love for multi colored nails ;)

the  Love for Margiela and all the small things 
(leather dice pendant by margiela, vivienne west wood pin, knuckle  rings, disco fever ring)
The LOVE for  Alexander Mcqueen fall/winter 09 lips 
the LOVE for The Spice Girls 
the love for my fragile shoes 
the love for Silence and moments of peace
The LOVE for vintage cameras and sewing machines 
The Love for Orange Pumps and runway drunkies 
and Love For playing Lady Gaga ioki and bad singing 
lets all have a bad romance this feb. ;)
Kisses A.


  1. I love this post!!! you reminded me of the things I love too. Oh Spice Girls, I still memorize your songs by heart. =)


  2. anton! oh my... was that you in the 1st pic? taray! love love love the money bow. gusto ko gayahin. haha.

    and the margiela... kaiyak! lol

    ung curly hair mo... kamukha mo si taemin ng shinee. swear. ^^

    rah rah rah ah ah

  3. @ zanah thanks dear kiss kiss
    @betz whats your whats ur all time faveeeee song from the spice girls??
    mines spice up ur life and say you'll be there haha

    @toxic disco boy
    ahaha yup thats me sa first pic,,
    go turo ko sayo pano gawin super easy lang
    kailangan mo lang play money ribbon and glue gun


    yan mas maayos yung bow ko dyan pero may natutunan ako na mas maayos na way
    shinee?? tlga? lol thanks
    kisses A.