September 07, 2012

Will be back soon lovlies

Moodkisses A. & the invisible planets 
Dear Blog,
So sorry for not updating 
been busy like crazy for the past few weeks
i'm tired but happy 
will be back really soon :) 
and ooh do you like my new wig
its kind of my new hat for now since i'm still not satisfied with my the length of my hair
Thats all for now 
Kisses A.


  1. awwww, well I am glad that you are busy! sometimes that's better than having nothing to do. ;) waiting for your return, my love <3

  2. "tired by happy" is a good thing. I love your hair fix.

  3. Love the brown. You look very elegant. :) Missed you

  4. I love the wig!!It really looks amazing on you! I'm very glad to read your post and that you are busy but happy is a good news and I'd love to know more about your projects, I'm really a big fan of your work!
    Lots of love