August 11, 2012

happy birthday blue blog :3 HUGE inspiration obsession post from kisses A.

Mood: Play me a song that reminds you of the the sea
Dear Blog,
Hey Blog i'm so sorry for not updating 
The weather here is just awful 
Had the flu for a few weeks
Been having Mood swings 
 Last week the internet was so slow due to the crazy rain which caused a lot of 
flooding and scary evacuation warnings (I was ready to move all my stuff  to  the second floor ) 
 I was not able to make a birthday Blog post 
YES This blog just turned 3 
I noticed that most of my lovely readers enjoy it when i make Life Inspiration posts & Monthly Obsessions so i made a very Big and special 
for you guys
 Hope you enjoy!
A.) Hair I don't know why i love coloring my hair so much i guess it really does 
help me create a new mood especially when i'm working 
I have been coloring my hair since 2005 
and i noticed that i was not so productive whenever i go back to black which is my natural color 
here are some of my colors throughout the years :) 

and my first makeup video =+_+=

Thats all for now 


  1. I've missed you and i'm glad your feeling better. Happy 3rd birthday to your blog, man that is a lot of hair colours.

  2. oh my gooodnesss!! look at how many colors your hair has been! every shade in the rainbow, right?! :) <3 happy birthday to your blog! I hoped you baked it a cupcake.

  3. HAPPY BDAY SIS. GIVE AWAYSSS NMAN. CHAR. LOVE U. grbe. shitload of inspration. my gad.. hayyyyyy... thanks sis for being super

  4. yr so cool! I love how you made the collage from the photos of your different colour hair!

  5. Happy blogaversary Love!!
    This post is awesome and I loved the tutorial, is the kind of make-up that I adore,thank you a lot for this beautiful present and for all the inspiration you bring in my life!
    Have a creative week dear!

  6. Hello Sweetheart! Happy blog burfday! I am in love with all the different shades of you from precious pink to cool ass blue you wear it all so well. I hope the bad weather has passed and that you are smiling these days. I love that Hello Kitty crown and eye ball hair ribbons. You inspire me!

  7. happy birthday to your blog ^_^ i really do love your blog A! you inspire me so much!!! makes me smile when i'm down ^_- love your little hair collage, you've literally done every colour lol, my fav is the blue/purple "mermaid" colour! miss you toooo!!! xx

  8. I can't believe I just found your blog- love your style!