May 07, 2012

Tell mr. 24 to check his bag for blue things ;)

Mood: Starting today you will call me neptune and i will call you Mr. planet narwhal
Dear Blog,
Hey blog..
just a little random update plus illustrations 
I'm really glad to say that i'm back
After a really bad month 
i finally found myself again and it feels lovely 
even the weather is getting better 
i can appreciate each sound i hear 
but most of all i love the feeling of waking up and dreaming again 
anyways i changed my hair color again from blue green to purple 
but I was not satisfied so i made it a little lighter (my old color) lavender gray.what do you think?
should i add more color to it like maybe pink? hmmm.. any suggestions :) 
a few days ago i took advantage of this really good mood and went out 
stayed at a cafe like the old days and did some illustrations
I  do enjoy making portraits of people
here are some i made for my lovely online friends (my favorite blogs i visit) 
(this is just part 1) 
Krista & Peetee
1st draft of the portrait tattoo were working on
i'm excited to see the final work :D

Edie pop
MR. Planet Narwhal
will post more soon
Thats all for now
Kisses A. 


  1. oh mi godyou are so fantastic!!!

  2. I love the lighter coloured hair on you. Man i wish there were cafes open that late near my house so i could go and work late there. I LOVE the picture you did of me. Thank you so much, i feel super special.

  3. Oooh I really like the light purple on you!! It suits you well. Purple is a good color on you, sir. ;)) I'm super glad that after having such a rough month you're feelin' lots better. Your illustrations show it! I would love to live on planet narwhal someday. :) <33

  4. @mouse thank u dear!

    @cazz your welcome.. you are very special .. how late does cafes stay open there? around here its 3 am on the weekends

    @ali i should really make an updated version of you dear! i remeber the crab drawing of you :)
    thanks and i think i will add just a little pink to it

    Kisses A.

  5. You look so good Anton it's because your happy:) I'd love to see some cupcake pink on you my dear:))) I love all of these portraits you have such an amazing gift and you have made us all feel so loved! They are all so beautiful! I love you honey!!! Peetee does too:)))))

  6. Thank you so much!!!!
    I'm very flattered by your amazing illustration!!
    It makes my day to know that you like my blog because I really love yours and your amazing art!!!
    I have heart-shaped eyes now ♥♥♥!
    I love your light lavender gray hair and I think that also light pink should look great on you!
    Thank you Anton so much!

  7. Great that you're back! :D Your new hair looks really great! I think a little bit of purple and green should look great too! :3
    The portraits are amazing Anton! Great work!
    All the best! :>

  8. @ krista i have lots of things to tell you! i'll email you as soon as i'm done with work ;) sending kisses to you and peetee

    @edie.. you are welcome.. i love all the visual goodies you post and your style in bloggings its very entertaining :)
    and thank you too sending extra extra kisses

    @ judka thank you sweetie my hair is actually green at the back and lavender in the front will add pink soon

    kisses A.

  9. I love your illustrations! Sitting in a cafe drawing and colouring is one of my favourite things. I try to do it every day. Your hair looks gorgeous!

  10. thank you melanie congrats on your exhibit!

    kisses A.

  11. aww Anton ^_^ your so lovely..!! Just saw this now, it's a little late haha.! i love your purple hair btw..! you manage to rock out every hair colour out there mr ^_-