April 29, 2012

I must tell mr. 49 to give a signal just incase we forget

Mood: now your just somebody that i use to know 
Dear Blog,
 I missed you 
I'm so sorry if i've been away for awhile
April was a so so month for me
 Its extremely hot right now and blue boys don't do great when its too hot 
Plus I was sick for 2 weeks
I have been craving for some sort of inspiration from a unknown source  to come
I hope i get out of this unpleasant mood 
anyways here is just a little sneak peak of new stuff i'm working on 
 new prints, designs and other stuff coming soon ;) 
Salad day trying out my neon prints ;)  
 latest obsessions ponies, clips and extensions 
Gave my barbie a new look (cheska with her new lavender gray hair) 
and new mix media pieces i made on sale at thank you today 
 here is my mood/ inspiration post for the month of May  
thats all for now 
Kisses A.


  1. you and your hair are fuuucking fabulous

  2. anton, why are you so fabulouss? I love your neon designs, they are way cool. And you live on Saturn hmmm? :)) seems like an awesome place to be but how do you breathe?! :o

  3. Hi sweetie! SO happy to see your pretty hair and fierce hair, you look great and I love the new art. Here's to colored hair, kissing the ones we love, and anything cute and stuffed! Cheska is a beauty, I have hair envy now.
    LOVEYOU more than kitties~

  4. Love the new neon prints. Looks rad Anton. Your barbie's new hair looks beautiful. I hope you are feeling better. I missed you.

  5. @mouse thank you lovely!

    @ ali i'm actually from neptune hehe you should visit me one day! extra hugs

    @krista HUGS! missed your blog will check it out soon

    @cazz thanks sweetie hope you got my msg on your blog :D i'm feeling much much better now

    kisses A.

  6. You look gorgeous. I love those new neon graphics! Great manicure too!

  7. Hi! Even if I'm a new reader I missed your blog sooooo much!!
    Amazing post!!
    I love Miranda July, your new hair and Cheska is stunning too!!