December 19, 2010

Holiday Love

Mood: 3:00 AM I Like sending kisses to random mr. 45 
Dear Blog,
Its My favorite favorite  time of the year again
 i get to shop like crazy without feeling bad 
and get all the little things that make life a cream like dream.
its Christmas again and i'm so excited for all our sister bonding time
will be flying to Hong kong on dec 26 
i finally get to relax and not think about sewing :)
 its also the time of the year where i really feel like helping others..
even if its just giving street children food
or cheering up a depressed friend 
its really more on love and sharing :) 
Early Christmas treats 
and my jelly obsession continues ;)
this is the best gift i got so far  
I'm starting  my jellyfish chandelier-ish installation in my room
and my huge Blue jelly pillow and the little stuffs i love
more useless but fun junk i got ;)

my new "work bag" over sized reversible tote bag from Marc by marc jacobs 
its big enough to carry all my crap..
Laptop and all my art and sewing materials 
Jeremy Scott X Adidas triple flap sneaks
and ooh before i forget i made a quick video the other day just to kill boredom

Thats all for now 
Kisses A.


  1. Your video is cute. :) And your jellyfish installation.. I can't wait to see it complete, it already looks awesome! :)

  2. ayyy loove!! baks. bet ko ang MJ. win
    i love yer xmas gifts

  3. love the jelly installation...kaaliw din yung vid..galing mo gumawa ng vid!