September 28, 2012

Tales from a tired but happy sea anemone

Mood: Last night I dreamed of Dodecahedrons
Dear Blog,
Hey blog I'm back
Its been a crazy month and i finally have some time to update you 
So these are the things i did these past few week 
 Just a little work update from me ;) 
but before that i finally got to try orange hair color.
Tangerine the teen dream 
1.) Working with zarina
ever since college my best friend zarina has been helping me with work
Shes really good and I'm happy that shes part of my work team
Now shes  making and selling her own stuff which is kind of exciting 
A.) Props 
we started with props and pieces for an ad campaign 
i can't say much about it for now 
zarina's letters
 my acrylic head piece 
B.)Shoots & stuff
Been making pieces for different magazine shoots
-magazine feature F Magazine September 2012 issue (Cambodia)photography: Joseph Pascual styling: Mike Magallanes grooming: Cj Capulong Cuisonmodel: Bruce Venida *photo on the right* sheer skin tone jellyfish top by me 
mike magallanes (left side) wearing my sheer dream illusion top at the pefta 2012 event
photo by karl luterio

new samples by zarina laluan
silk Gazaar origami head band & origami head piece
  deconstructed sample top by me 
sample photo from a shoot i did with henry Anima
whale print wrap skirt and neon print tank by me  
C.) Bench Universe denim and under wear show 2012
we got to do 2 segments from the show
me and zarina did 70 accessories in 1 week  
just some samples we did ( geometric masks)
sampling day 
Day 1 of show
was not able to take that much photos because i was too tired 
One of our segments  Leather accessories by Willar mateo, Mohawk headpieces by me (assistant designer zarina laluan)
another segment we did (masks)
this segment was just beautiful 
Thats all for now 
Kisses A.


  1. That origami head band is way too cool!! I would seriously wear one if I could. I wonder if I could make something similar?

    It's nice to see a post from you again, Anton. :) :) <3 I'm really loving the tangerine hair color on you. Don't think I've seen you with such a shade of hair, but it looks so good!

  2. Oh dear Anton, you did a lot of wonderful things!!
    How much work! I love everything you do!I'm happy that you are in the same team with Zarina she is beautiful and very talented too!
    I'd love to see more of your dresses, that top is amazing!
    Lots of Love xxxx

  3. What a crazy busy month you've had. I love the work you've been doing with all the masks. :)

  4. Wow all of these images are too much to look at, you have been crazy busy. Look at all these wonderful things you have created! I think you are a tangerine dream loaded with all kinds of talent. I love how free you are in your designs and I love when you go crazy with color.
    Tons of love sweet boy!

  5. What a great style!
    Follow follow follow!

    ^_^ and if you want, visit me:

    Edea, kisses from Italy!