March 08, 2012

moving out of planet saturn

Mood:Don't you Remember 
Dear Blog,
About a few months ago  the blue haired boy met a very charming  narwhal 
It was  lovely and everyday felt like anything was possible 
but like every  story it just had to end
Starting from scratch may be difficult sometime but my friends  reminded me that there is always  tomorrow
that everything will be just fine.
For awhile I  forgot how to live life
i forgot that i use to find pleasure doing the most simplest things
-putting nail polish at 3 in the morning  while listening to the Ramones  in full blast 
-making tea for an hour 
-doing things manually 
-making someone smile with silly things
-daydreaming about a never ending day 
- making prints 
-finding treasures in the most unexpected places 
-reading a good book
- meeting someone for the first time
-being carefree 
and most of all just being myself in my studio doing my work..
This is not the end but only the beginning of another something ;3
remember to live each day like it was your last & never forget to fall in love everyday 
Life INSPIRATIONS/ mood  For the month of March

Thats all for now 
Kisses A.


  1. Thank you for sharing so much magic, and stunning beauty. Love, love your nails and rings, wowwwwwwww

  2. Live each day really LIVE! I like your attitude my dear and so many pretty things including you! I need a pink Hello Kitty AK47 :) for the zombie apocalypse.

  3. you look amazing in the dress....beautifulness x

  4. Thank you Mrs. sacramento :)
    @ krista yes LIVE without holding back :)
    yeah i think we should be ready for zombie apocalypse
    & i'm UBer excited with ze necklace O____o can't wait! <3

    kisses A.

  5. you always post such lovely pictures :D and ohh isn't tea just the best? so relaxing and delicious! I like green tea myself. <3
    this spring break I am going to go home and just be with my family, haha! no big plans for now, what about yourself? doing anything exciting? <3

  6. @ mouse thank you girl with the lovely red hair ;)
    @ fashion turd ;)

    @ aLi I'm still not sure what i'll be doing this summer! i wanna swim in a jelly infested sea <3 enjoy kisses A.

    Kisses A.