January 30, 2012

Please pass me the black man dress the one that makes me look tall i'll be dancing with mr. 2 tonight

Mood: to me you are the sea vast as you can be and deep the shade of blue 
Dear Blog,
Just a random update from me 
working on my prints right now 
i'm experimenting with the fabrics i got at the moment  
 kind of excited  for the upcoming projects i'll be doing 
a Blue vegan dish i cooked ;) 
At Fluxxe Reunion/ Gian Romano sale  @Cubao X
Photos by Paul Jatayna 
3 am semi drunk Cupcake land mode 
doing illustrations for john at his atelier 
at Mondo juice  making elephants and doodling on ze receipts 
dentist appointment  apparently i need to wear retainers soon :P 
neoprint day with sis 
thats all for now
Kisses A.


  1. Haha yeh that was my comment btw :) Your blue vegan dish reminds me of when I ate blue pancakes in russia. And retainers suck :( Especially when you procrastinate and not wear them for ages hehe.

  2. haha sorry about that blogger is acting weird again.. i will try to make an electric blue pancake in the future :D

    and i had retainers before and yes its not soo great

    kisses A.