January 21, 2012

call mr. 2 and tell him to think of waves and jelly hugs

Mood:Out there things can happen
 and frequently do to people as brainy and footsy as you.
Dear Blog,
Usual things blue haired boys do 
On Good days the blue haired  boy loves styling shoots: With the Lovely Ms. Pilar Pilapil
On not so great days the  blue haired boy blames the weather and eats sushi 
On Tuesdays the blue haired boy likes playing with magnets 
Sometimes the Blue haired boy makes gifts for his close friends: something for john 
On Weekends the blue haired boy Enjoys looking 
at beautiful lamps and blue antique chandeliers
The Blue haired boy likes wearing dream catchers when ever he day dream 
the Blue haired Boy enjoys going to the supermarket  like everyone else 
whenever the blue haired boy is in the mood he cooks for his friends: 
Pumpkin  dumpling surprise for L,C, & Z  
On Thursdays the Blue haired boy enjoys eating Korean ice cream with Lawrence 
On boring days the blue haired boy enjoys staring at galaxy nails and day
 dreams about waves from  the planet Neptune 
the blue haired boy enjoys going out with his half brother a.k.a the salad boy  
The blue haired boy enjoys surprise visits from Cheska & midnight Blueberry cheesecakes
a few minutes later cheska decides to change her hair color 
and becomes the blue haired boy's life size barbie 
whenever someone is not feeling their best the blue haired boy gives them kisses and pop-up books: paper pop-up flowers are way better then the real ones 
Thats all  for now 
Kisses A.