October 12, 2011

tell Mr.15 to get blue lipstick i feel sexy today

Mood:strange strangers 
Dear Blog,
Note from the future: wear color when the weathers not feeling its best
I seriously like it when it rains
its so peaceful 
been busy designing my prints 
i can't wait to see the finished product :D
anyways heres just a random colored update from muah ;) 
A.) Unnatural cosmetics
colored my hair again added 2 more colors
was curious what i would look like if i dyed my brows blue
so tried filling it up with blue eye shadow
it kinda looks good haha
and added turquoise face highlights 
 for some weird reason i'm feeling blue lips too 
(you know i don't wear makeup *too lazy*) 
but i'm obsessing over blue lipsticks 

Stargazer No 104 Turquoise Lipstick (Blue)

available at bluebanana.com
B.) Tell mr. 23 i'm from Chicago 
I know that i removed all my body piercings ( before i had a tongue ring, nose ring, lower lip, navel ring, and 7 ear piercings) 
but i'm thinking of getting a nostril ring again  
still thinking about it :P 
i made a fake hoop just to see how it would look like ( i want a really small colored hoop) 
18 Gauge 3/8" Blue Anodized Titanium Nose Hoop
C.) SAY HELLO to our newest rescue Kitty
His name is Tangerine Neptune Jelly 
i have a soft spot for orange tabbies 
took him to the animal hospital the other day for a check up and he's perfectly healthy 
D.) NEW VIDEO Coming soon
been working on a  fashion video for  weeks now
and its almost done
i can't say what its about just yet so
stay tuned lovlies :D
thats all for now 
kisses A.

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