October 25, 2011

rants, blueboys, paint and other weekly habits

MooD:Those are not extensions BITCH!
Dear Blog,
Just my random Life update 
little things i recently did
A.)Hello septum
I woke up last week and realized i wanted earrings
so we went to the nearest tattoo/piercing shop 
i must say it was a bit painful i have high tolerance when it comes to piercings and tattoos 
but this one was the most painful piercing i got 
B.)Extend my Love
Bought some colored extensions
i need them for a shoot i'm styling and of course for personal gratification :D
i need 10 more
C.) Monday Rants and other good stuff
last monday was my sourcing day with willar 
went to Quezon city, recto, divisoria and Sm manila 
our day started out really well 
 went to tita Gilda Cordero's house to deliver willars clothes that he made for her. 
Had a really nice chit chat with her about her past inspirations,
 clothes, and other random stuff while eating yummy chumporado :) 
Her house is just lovely and i think she's one of the sweetest person i have met.
I rarely do this in my blog but here it goes
after buying all our sewing materials 
we went to national bookstore because i needed some art supplies and 
the weirdest thing happened.
Okay I'm use to people staring at me all weird and shit 
it doesn't really bother me and i could care less but it gets extremely annoying when strangers try to touch my hair or try to invade my personal space
Out of no where this girl comes out and starts yelling at us asking if she could take a photo of me and my friend, we laughed and politely said no to her 
she kept following us and wouldn't stop asking "CGE NA can we have a photo of you guys"
asking her brother to take the photo 
again we politely said sorry no 
still she kept following us and grabbed my friends hand and said "CGE NA"
i went far as i could and she got mad and said something rude like "if you don't want people to take photos of you then stop dressing up in that manner"
WTF  were not fucking mascots bitch! (like hello i was wearing  a plain shirt and denim cutouts )
and it was sooOOOoo annoying 
i was pissed off and we left the national bookstore  and i was not able to buy my materials
D.) MY New FAVORITE shirt/ bag
and while looking for materials with willar
 I found these Lovely things
I was like YES this is just sOOooOOO ME

This week i'll be playing and experimenting with all the materials
we got heehee

tonight i'll be trying this paper clay out 
Endless possibilities * evil mad scientist laugh* 
thats all for now
Kisses A.