August 22, 2011

tell mr 5 to bring me some rain today

Mood: I'm done dreamin' we can fly
Am I guilty? boy, you deicide  
i've got nothing to hide 
Dear Blog,
Just a little update from the Blue haired boy

 But before that The MOOD of monday: Contact High care of salad b.
A.) Designs
Been accepting more design Projects now since i don't any styling gigs at the moment 
Been experimenting with different textiles
more meetings this week 
B.) another salad Day X kisses A. random art Project
Was grabbing some 3am snacks at 7 eleven when will saw a blue record book
death by stick ons
I was really tired that day and passed out, felt someone touching my face.
and when i woke up saw this photo in wills blog
C.) New adopted imaginary Monsters
little critters in need of a new home
a new gray grab, a whale, and 4 alien like things
a crossbreed of a face hugger and a jelly 
D.) new dream makers
new books i got from different bookstores 
My next Tattoo 
still not 100% sure if it will go on my chest or my left arm
The Planet Neptune
Really excited for my next pay check Yeah!! 
F.)  Lakes and heart sleeves
The other day i was talking to a close friend and realized how much i want to  finish a collection i've been developing for awhile
got excited when pat called and told me about a little lake trip she's planning for us 
A 3 day vaca at their private house in Caliraya 
i can't wait to ride a boat and do my illustrations/ designs  
photo by jayson & jo anne Arquiza 
Thats all for now
Kisses A.

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